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Protecting your business with a security system is an inexpensive investment for protecting your employees and inventory. The dangers businesses face today with theft of property, burglary, robbery, and shoplifting are increasing. The demand for workplace security is at an all time high. By using a security system and Closed Circuit TV (CCTV), companies make the workplace safer for employees. A Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) helps eliminate dangers from burglary, work violence, employee accidents, and even acts of domestic violence.

Regulations governing the design, operation, testing and inspection of commercial fire alarm systems have become more stringent. In most jurisdictions, compliance with these regulations is mandatory. These systems need to be inspected and updated when necessary. Access control systems can be an extremely helpful addition to your business by granting entrance to restricted areas as needed.

From intrusion detection to fire protection, access control, video surveillance and 24 hour central station monitoring, our full range of technologies offer businesses of all sizes the ability to reduce risk and produce recognizable results. Reassure your employees that they are working in a truly safe environment, while also assuring your customers that their safety is equally important.

Our Basic Commercial Security Package are:

  • One panel
  • One Key Pad
  • Two Contacts
  • One interior Motion Detector

Additional customized products may be purchased upon request.

Security Equipment
Your business security system will include many different pieces of hardware. A Representative from Alert Alarm will come to your business and perform a security evaluation, and then recommend what types of equipment you'll need. Here are some of the most common components:

Control Panel | Keypad
The control panel is the brains of the whole setup. The keypad arms and disarms the system. Many systems are set up with one control panel near the main entrance, and one in a more secure location.

Secondary keypads let you come and go through other doors, but not reprogram the whole system. Exterior keypads, when combined with electronic locks, allow keyless entry to anyone who enters the right code. Add-on keypads are relatively inexpensive and a good way to make the whole alarm system easy to use.

Sensors | Contacts
Various kinds of sensors do the actual "security" for an alarm system. Window and door sensors use magnetic contacts to tell if one is open. Infrared and microwave sensors detect body heat or motion if someone's inside. There are even sensors that listen for the sound of glass breaking. An Alert Alarm Representative will be able to describe exactly what type of sensors you need for optimal security.

Sirens and Lights
Alert Alarm's security systems include audible and visible indicators of trouble. Sirens, horns, or bells will be loud enough to be heard throughout the building and at the street - larger businesses may need more than one. For most amateur crooks, a loud alarm means "time to run" and will get them out of your business in a panic.

Flashing lights (strobes or rotating beacons) are more commonly used in businesses, but can also help police confirm where the trouble is in an emergency. If your house is hard to pick out from the street, this might be a good addition.

Remote Control | Key Fob
Much like a key fob that lets you lock and alarm your car, a key fob for your alarm system works like a remote control for the entire system. Typically they only offer a few basic functions — arming or disarming the entire system, and a panic button — but they can be real time savers.

Backup Battery
No matter how sophisticated your alarm system is, it can't work without power. If you don't want a burglar to be able to disable your entire system by cutting the power, investing in a backup battery is critical. These batteries automatically provide power to your burglar alarm if the power goes out — some for up to 24 hours.

Yard Signs | Window Decals
It's amazing how the simple "Protected by ..." signs you see on Alert Alarm businesses are among the most trivial yet important parts of a business security system. Simply put, if the bad guys don't know a system is in place, why would they avoid your house? An Alert Alarm can still scare them off once they're in, but if you're home at the time and a criminal get spooked by a siren, a dangerous situation could develop.

Better to advertise! There are so many houses out there without alarm systems that in most cases, a burglar will simply move on to the next likely target, rather than try to defeat a monitored alarm.

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